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SynVec is a Technologic Transfer Unit of ADERA (Association for the development of teaching and research for Aquitania universities, research centers and companies). The creation of SynVec was encouraged by the research and technology transfer department of the Aquitania Council, and the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) which certifies its ability to respond professionally to the needs of customers.

SynVec allows access to technological innovation for private companies. Indeed, our expertise is based on the expert knowledge and technical ability provided by the different teams of the research unit U869 of INSERM implanted in the University of Bordeaux. This expertise allows us to provide supports for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industries in the field of chemistry and chemical biology.

R&D programs for which we are in charge are drived under strict confidentiality. This operating mode gives us a real reactivity and thus guarantees short deadlines to meet your needs.

At the interface between academic research and industry, SynVec allows its partners to:

  • Have significant and efficient research resources.
  • Use recognized scientific expertise and specific knowledge.
  • Develop new applications trough our new therapeutics vectors and new molecules.

Our team composed by well trained technicians and PhD in Chemistry is in charge of every request in order to ensure speed and quality of our service. Through our chemical synthesis and vectorisation expertise, SynVec uses a set of complementary technologies which are essential for efficient drug delivery.