In order to show the relevance to cancer research for SynVec activies, we give you some exemples of our last projects :

SynVec worked on a project of monitoring MMPs (Matrix Metallo-Proteinases)  activities allowing the design and synthesis of peptidic biochips which are able to inform about the tumor aggressiveness. The ANR (Agence Nationale de Recherche) project in which SynVec participated is a program to develop new drug delivery system (chemical vector) to target cancerous tumor angiogenesis.
In another project, modified Nucleosides, nucleolipids and  phosphoramidites synthesized by SynVec are used in order to formulate new lipidic systems to target cancerous tumors by delivering therapeutic agents in the close environment of these tumors.
These projects are examples of validated applications in cancer research treated by SynVec team. Several chemical molecules which could be synthesized by our team could be potential candidates for cancer treatment. Our experiences in the chemical synthesis and chemical vectors design allow us to take part in different projects for cancer treatment. We have an expertise in the chemical biology field and interface, specially in the medical side of the chemical synthesis which could be considered as a real asset to be a privileged partner for cancer research projects.